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Every day we make new jewellery in Berlin, which
finds a new owner. From timeless classics like diamond pendants to fashionable rings, all types of products are available.

Illusion Armband





GIA earring

A diamond with 0.60ct builds the center of the earring, set in six prongs. Four prong diamond earring is also available. The gem stones are set in 18kt white gold and certified by GIA with laser inscription. Those are available gem stone sizes: 0.60, 0.81, 1.00, 1.50

Blaue Brillanten Ohrringe

Blue Topaz Earrings

Blue pear cut topaz are in the center of the earring with 34.55ct each. 10 blue topaz marquise cut stones light up crystal clear in 13.85ct. The precious stones are set in 18kt white gold.


A total of 316 diamonds with 7.97ct give the creoles a stunning appearance. The gemstones are set in 18kt white gold on the inside and outside and thus spread double brilliance.

Saphir Ohrclip

Sapphire Earclip

Two vivid blue sapphires glow up in 2.81ct and 2.4ct as the center of the clip. Emerald carrés with cut edges blend in elegantly with a total of 2.35ct. The precious stones are set in 18kt white gold.

Smaragd Ohrclip

Emerald Earclip

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